ISES recognizes outstanding scientists with the Wesolowski, Daisey, Mehlman, Distinguished Lecturer, and Young Scientist Awards.
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Jerome J. Wesolowski Award

In recognition of outstanding contributions to the knowledge and practice of human exposure assessment
About the Dr. Jerome J. Wesolowski Award   ·  Award Criteria and Procedures

Joan M. Daisey Outstanding Young Scientist Award

To recognize outstanding contributions to the science of human exposure analysis by a young scientist
About the Dr. Joan Daisey Award  ·  Award Criteria and Procedures  

Constance L. Mehlman Award

In recognition of outstanding contributions in exposure analysis research that helped shape a national or state policy or that provided new approaches for reduction or prevention of exposures
About the Constance L. Mehlman Award  ·  Award Criteria and Procedures

IPA/DGUV Award for Young Exposure Scientists

To foster research in exposure areas with linkages to biomonitoring for superior doctoral students working on their dissertation or superior first-year postdoctoral exposure scientists
About the IPA/DGUV Award  ·  Award Criteria and Procedures  

Early Career Award

To encourage persons beginning their professional careers to conduct research on various challenging issues related to human exposure analysis (awarded 2002, 2003, and 2004)