ISES Technology Fair
Don't miss this exciting, hands-on opportunity to engage with your fellow researchers and cutting edge technology developers! Introduced at the 2015 Annual Meeting as the Sensor Fair, this appealing event has broadened its scope to include all technologies and tools for exposure research (e.g. monitors, personal sensors, technology platforms, analyzers, samplers, applications, etc.). Combined with the annual Exhibitor and Committee Fairs, this event is sure to attract a large and engaged crowd! 

Current list of participating technology vendors
Wristband chemical sampler - MyExposome, Inc. and Oregon State University
Modular monitors for particulates, black carbon, PAHs/VOCs and bioaerosols for public health studies - Columbia University and AethLabs
Composite Integrative Passive Sampler (CIPS) - Statera Environmental, Inc. and NC State University
CyAN app - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Utah PRISMS Informatics Ecosystem - University of Utah
Emerging technologies: low cost sensors and RETIGO - U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency
ARISense - Aerodyne Research, Inc.
Hexoskin biometric shirt - Columbia University and Carre Technologies Inc.
OpenAQ: an open data platform on air quality - OpenAQ
The Real-time Affordable Multi-Pollutant (RAMP) sensor package - Carnegie Mellon University
Personal real-time UFP counters for public health studies - University of Cincinnati and Enmont
Smoke Sense App - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Integration of exposure data into the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) - NC State University
Environmental sensors for personal monitoring and citizen science studies -University of Washington
Municipal Solid Waste Decision Support Tool (MSW-DST) - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Point-of-Care Sensor for Multi-Metal Exposure Assessment - University of Illinois at Chicago
The CompTox Chemistry Dashboard - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
DERBI: A Digital Method to Help Researchers Report Personal Exposure Results for Emerging Contaminants - Silent Spring Institut
Environmental Health “Science Take-Out” Kits: Tools for teaching exposure science in the classroom - and beyond - University of Rochester Medical Center
Multi-sensor gas detection arrays for Connected Cities, powerless sensors developed for NFC and RFID connected devices, low power BTLE connected 2 gas+ environmental sensors - SPEC Sensors, LLC
ClassyFire and ChemOnt: automated chemical classification with a comprehensive, computable taxonomy - University of Alberta

Mark your Calendars!

ISES Technology Fair 
This event is included in the general meeting registration fee or the daily fee for Tuesday.   

Tuesday, October 17th 
5:15 to 7:00 PM Sheraton's Empire Ballroom

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