Constance L. Mehlman Award: Criteria and Procedures

About the Constance L. Mehlman Award  

Purpose of Award
To recognize an ISES member who has made an outstanding contribution in exposure analysis research that helped shape a national or state policy or provided new approaches for reduction or prevention of exposures.

Any member of ISES who is not a member of the ISES Awards Committee is eligible for this award.

Announcement Procedure

The Chair of the Awards Committee shall issue a call for nominations by means of announcements by e-mail to the membership. Generally the deadline for submission of the nominations will be in spring of the year in which the award is given. The deadline will be announced in the email to the membership.

Nominating Procedure
Nominations shall consist of a nominating letter from a current ISES member describing the nature of the exposure analysis research and how it helped shape a national or state policy or provided new approaches for reduction or prevention of exposures. A copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae should also be submitted. A supporting letter from at least one other person familiar with the contributions of the nominee is necessary; other supporting letters are strongly encouraged.

Selection Procedure
Upon close of nominations, the Chair shall provide copies of all materials he/she has received to the other committee members for review. Each committee member shall evaluate the candidates based on the materials supplied and the criteria for the award.

In the year in which nominations are received, the award will only be given if there are at least two qualified candidates or if there is one that is so outstanding that he/she is nominated by at least three past presidents. If there are two or more qualified candidates, the forced ranking polling procedure will be used to select the winner[1]. That is, the list of the candidates considered qualified by the Awards Committee will be provided to each member of the Awards Committee who will rank the qualified candidates (e.g., 1 through n, with 1 the highest rank) and provide the ranking to the Chair for tally. The Chair will then sum the score for each candidate and the winner will be the candidate with the lowest score (highest rank). In the event of a tie, this procedure will be repeated for the tied candidates. In the event that there are no nominees, or that no candidate is considered outstanding, no award shall be given.

Notification Procedure
The successful candidate shall be notified by phone, e-mail and/or a letter mailed no later than two months before the annual ISES meeting. The ISES Secretary, Treasurer, and President, and the primary nominator of the candidate are notified by email.

Announcement of the Award
Once the award recipient has been notified, a short announcement should be prepared for the web site.

Presentation of the Award

The ISES President or chair of the Awards Committee will present Constance L. Mehlman Award at the annual ISES meeting. 

Nature of the Award
The award shall consist of a plaque and a check for $2000. Per a decision by the ISES board in November 2001, the Mehlman award will be awarded only in years ending with an odd number, although the award may be postponed a year if there are no eligible candidates in a given odd-numbered year.

[1] The Awards Committee shall be composed of an odd number of members.