Awards Committee

Meeting Frequency: TBD

Meeting Schedule: TBD

For more information please contact Thomas McKone and Pertti (Bert) Hakkinen.

Committee Members

Thomas McKone - Co-Chair

Pertti (Bert) Hakkinen - Co-Chair

Holger Koch

Julian Marshall

Linda Sheldon

Paloma Beamer - Ex-Officio

Mission Statement

The mission of the Awards Committee is to recognize excellence in exposure science research and practice through presenting society awards.The mission is accomplished by soliciting and reviewing nomination packages and selecting the award winner. In addition to the formal announcement for nominations, members of the committee try to promote the awards program by reminding members of the society of the importance of nominating excellent individuals for awards.


The Awards Committee shall include primarily individuals who have received an award from the Society. Ideally, there should be at least one member who has received the Daisey Award, representing the younger members of the society. The chairman of the committee is selected by the board. Additional members are selected by the chairman.

Recent Past Accomplishments

Current Activities