Bylaws Committee

Meeting Frequency:
As needed

Meeting Schedule: N/A

For more information please email Kathie Dionisio

Committee Members

Kathie Dionisio - Chair (3 yr. term)

Paloma Beamer - Ex-Officio

Mission Statement

To ensure Society bylaws are up-to-date, relevant, and appropriate for current society activities, and to ensure that the Society functions in accordance with the bylaws.


The Bylaws Committee is responsible for maintaining the bylaws of the Society, and proposing changes to the Bylaws for the membership to vote on as needed, as the Society changes and grows.

Recent Past Accomplishments

Proposed an addition to the bylaws to allow for a Treasurer-Elect position on the Executive Board, which was voted on and approved by the membership of the Society.

Current Activities

Full review of current ISES bylaws, to ensure bylaws are appropriate and cover all current Society functions.