General Scientific Meetings Committee

Meeting Frequency:
Every two months

Meeting Schedule:
Third Wednesday of the month at 10:30 AM - Eastern US time zone

For more information please contact Lisa Melnyk.

Mission Statement

The mission of the General Scientific Meetings (GSM) Committee is to solicit, review, and evaluate nominations for site selection and Chair(s) of the ISES Technical Organizing Committee (TOC) for future ISES Annual Meetings.


With this mission in mind, the GSM Committee will strive to select sites and identify TOC Chairs for several years into the future (three years, if possible). The Committee will be accessible to and provide mentorship/advice to the Technical Organizing Committees via regular conference calls and/or electronic communication (e.g., e-mail, texts, etc.). The Committee will maintain a history of past meetings and collect relevant documents/advice to assist the Chair(s) in planning future meetings (to be maintained by the ISES Secretariat). The Committee will document its operations in the GSM Annual Meeting Handbook, which will be updated as necessary. The Committee will interact with other professional societies to develop opportunities for joint meetings. The Committee Chair, or representative, will make recommendations and periodic reports to the ISES Board on future meeting progress.

Recent Past Accomplishments

Since 2015, the Committee has successfully reviewed, evaluated, and chosen sites for annual meetings each year that have increased in participation and provided members and prospective members an opportunity to interact with exposure scientists in a comfortable atmosphere. Along with site selection, the Committee has reviewed proposals for the organizing contractor to provide the best accommodations for our attendees. The Committee has partnered with other societies and has developed the required meeting documents, which are thoroughly reviewed by the Committee and has solidified each society’s commitment to successful meetings. The Committee has provided guidance/mentoring to meeting chairs to maintain the highest quality and ensure a positive experience for all conference participants. The Committee has updated the GSM Annual Meeting Handbook to reflect the current state of operations.

Current Activities

Currently, the Committee is in the process of soliciting future meeting sites in the western portion of the USA (2020), the eastern portion of the USA (2021), and an international (2022) location. Review and evaluation of potential proposals will be forthcoming in the near future. The Committee continues to provide guidance to current meeting chairs and looks for opportunities to partner with professional societies having a complimentary mission.