Membership Committee

Meeting Frequency:  Monthly

Meeting Schedule: Last Wednesday of the month at 15:00 (EST)

For more information please contact Nicolle Tulve

Committee Members

Nicolle Tulve - Chair (3 year term)

Lisa Baxter  

Markey Johnson  

Lisa Melnyk  

Hua Qian  

Jonathan Thornburg

Elizabeth Marder

Brett Howard

Paloma Beamer - Ex-Officio


Mission Statement

To provide benefits to existing members and recruit new members to the Society.


The membership committee is currently comprised of 5 members, representing government and industry in the United States and Canada. We work to expand benefits to existing members and develop new benefits to grow the membership. To do this, we periodically survey the membership to learn about needs. We report the survey results at the annual meeting. We also summarize the demographics of the membership and report that information at the annual meeting. We work with other ISES committees for the direct benefit of the membership.

Recent Past Accomplishments

  • Website redesign and maintenance
  • Draft sponsorship agreement
  • Redesign of Society logo
  • Update to the membership renewal form
  • Member’s survey

Current Activities

  • Work with the Secretariat and other members of ISES to keep the ISES website current, fresh, and relevant
  • Expand benefits to existing members through the ISES website:
    • Develop a live, interactive webinar series
    • Upload content from the annual meetings
  • Grow the international membership base
    • Develop and implement a plan to grow the international membership in select regions of the world