Publications Committee

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Publications Committee is to create and promote opportunities for ISES members to contribute published content related to the field of exposure science.


The Committee also serves as the primary liaison between both the editorial and administrative leadership of the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology (JESEE) and the ISES Board. To this end, the Committee assists in selection of the Editor in Chief (EIC) of JESEE; works with the EIC in appointing and replacing members to the JESEE Editorial Board and Associate Editors; and partners with JESEE in building journal stature and readership. In addition, the Committee actively seeks to disseminate relevant information to ISES members in the form of scientific monographs, state-of-science reviews and reports, and editorials. The Committee chair, or representative, will provide periodic updates to the Board related to Committee activities. ISES members in good standing may be nominated to serve on the Publications Committee and presented to the Board for approval.

Recent Past Accomplishments

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Current Activities

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