ISES Committees

Join a committee! Committees are the vital spark of the Society. Without active membership on our committees, the business of the Society would not get done! Join a committee and make an impact on the future of ISES.

One of the most valuable membership benefits is the opportunity to serve the Society by participating on a committee. Joining a committee will provide you with an opportunity to drive the direction of the Society, influence priorities, and use your skills to advance the goals of the Society, all while providing you with networking opportunities, professional development, and personal growth.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the contact listed for the committee. Click on the name of the committee to learn more.

Awards Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Awards Committee is to recognize excellence in exposure science research and practice through presenting society awards.The mission is accomplished by soliciting and reviewing nomination packages and selecting the award winner. In addition to the formal announcement for nominations, members of the committee try to promote the awards program by reminding members of the society of the importance of nominating excellent individuals for awards.

Chapters Committee

Mission Statement

The Chapter’s mission is to advance exposure science through regional members’ activities.

Chapter Presidents:

Tom McKone – California
Hua Qian – Tri-State
Satoshi Nakai – Asia
Yuri Bruinen de Bruin – Europe

Committee Members

Markey Johnson – Chair – Membership Committee Liaison
Phil Hopke
Tom McKone 
Rosemary Zaleski 
Paloma Beamer – Ex-Officio

Communications & Outreach Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Communications and Outreach Committee is to foster communications both within and outside the society regarding the society’s work. To this end, we will:

  • Coordinate communications within the society
  • Facilitate outreach to other societies, schools, agencies to further the role of exposure science in these organizations
  • Develop and share resources for exposure science

Diversity Committee

Mission Statement

The Diversity Committee aims to ensure that the activities and membership of ISES are inclusive, draw from all segments of society, and reflect fairness, diversity and inclusion in order to advance the ability of ISES to meet its objectives:

  1. Support diversity in membership and meeting attendees.
  2. Support diversity in leadership and committees.
  3. Create a culture of inclusiveness at all ISES events.

Finance Committee

Mission Statement

The Finance Committee is a standing committee and oversees the capital expenditures of the Society, is consulted on the annual budget, and approves the annual financial reports to the Board as prepared by the Treasurer.

General Scientific Meetings Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the General Scientific Meetings (GSM) Committee is to solicit, review, and evaluate nominations for site selection and Chair(s) of the ISES Technical Organizing Committee (TOC) for future ISES Annual Meetings.

i-HBM Working Group

Mission Statement

Mission statement coming soon. Click here for more information about the work of this group.

Committee Members

Coming Soon!

Membership Committee

Mission Statement

To provide benefits to existing members and recruit new members to the Society.

Committee Members

Nicolle Tulve – Chair (3-year term)
Lisa Baxter 
Markey Johnson 
Lisa Melnyk 
Hua Qian 
Brett Howard
Paloma Beamer – Ex-Officio

Mentorship Committee

Mission Statement

Mission statement coming soon.

Committee Members

Courtney Carignan – Co-Chair
Shahid Parvez – Co-Chair
Robin Dodson
Chris Chaisson
John Pearce
Jane Hoppin
Cecilia Alcala
Paloma Beamer – Ex-Officio

Nominations Committee

Mission Statement

The Nominations Committee is a standing committee and is responsible for the nominations for officers and councilors to the Board, giving strong consideration to a geographical, professional discipline, and constituency (academic, government, NGO/private sector) balance.

Publications Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Publications Committee is to create and promote opportunities for ISES members to contribute published content related to the field of exposure science.

JESEE Delegates

Elaine A. Cohen– Editor in Chief
Virginia Mercer– Senior Editor
Richard E. Peltier– Deputy Editor

Student & New Researcher Committee

Mission Statement

The ISES Students and New Researcher (SNR) Committee offers mentorship, opportunities for career development, education, interaction with peers, and networking in addition to providing a platform for presentation and discussion of research.