Working Group - i-HBM: International Human Biomonitoring Guidance Values

Mission Statement coming soon.


Interpretation and communication of human biomonitoring data are universal challenges for exposure scientists around the world. A new working group under the ISES called i-HBM: International Human Biomonitoring Guidance Values, has recently been formed to provide a forum for discussion about the development, approaches, and possible harmonization of international guidance values and interpretation tools for human biomonitoring data.

The official launch of this new working group is planned during the ISES Virtual Meeting, September 21-22, 2020. Activities proposed include a pre-conference workshop and a symposium which are outlined below. Please visit the ISES Virtual Meeting for more programming information.


The i-HBM working group has been planning and preparing behind the scenes. Their activities include pre-conference workshops and symposiums. Here is the latest information:
1.    Course: Human Biomonitoring Guidance Values: Basis, Applications, and Harmonization *This will be pre-recorded*
  • Learn which agencies and groups are deriving biomonitoring guidance values.
  • Understand the differences in the scientific basis for derivation of the various types of guidance values used to interpret human biomonitoring data into a risk/health context.
  • Understand the challenges and nuances associated with interpreting human biomonitoring data in the context of the guidance values.
2.    Symposium: Interpreting and communicating human biomonitoring results: per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances as a case study *Format to be determined – live or pre-recorded*
  • How various human biomonitoring programs interpret population-level biomonitoring data in various contexts around the world and how the science has impacted various policies.
The date and times of these educational opportunities are not yet confirmed.


Interested in becoming a member?

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the new i-HBM working group is invited to attend the proposed activities in Oakland and/or contact the Interim Chair: Shoji Nakayama (, Interim Co-Chair: Annie St-Amand (, or Interim Secretariat: Julie Yome (