Our friend and colleague Dr. Kirk Smith passed away this week. Dr. Smith made extraordinary contributions to the fields of environmental health, exposure science, and global health, among others. Many of his lasting contributions are in the area of climate change- Dr. Smith participated in the IPCC’s 3rd and 4th assessments for which he shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize and was Convening Lead Author for Climate and Health for the 5th Assessment. He is credited with creation of the natural debt concept (net result of polluting our planet faster than natural processes can dissipate the damage). Among his many notable awards, Dr. Smith was the 1999 recipient of our Jerome J. Wesolowski Award for “sustained and outstanding contributions to the knowledge and practice of human exposure assessment.” These contributions were many and varied- from pioneering the concept of exposure efficiency, now called “intake fraction”, to his applied work understanding –and mitigating- the impacts of cookstoves that has improved the lives of millions worldwide. As many of you know, Dr. Smith was a Professor of Global Environmental Health at UC Berkeley, where his research focused on the relationships among environmental quality, health, resource use, climate, development, and policy in developing countries. His colleagues have set up a shared google file to allow individuals to share thoughts and memories with the Kirk-Diamond family and the broader community. We encourage you to participate. ISES also plans to honor Dr. Smith and welcomes your suggestions.

View Memorial Videos below.