Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops will be offered at various dates and times in the month leading up to the ISES2021 Virtual Meeting (July 31 – August 30). Workshop registration is required and includes access to the live workshop as well as access to the recording post-event. Note: Participation in Pre-Conference Workshops is not restricted to ISES2021 attendees!
Click on the following highlighted course titles or organizer names to learn more about each session! 

July 2021

newman-nicholas copy

Nicholas Newman

Incorporating Environmental Justice Concepts into Medical Training

Date/Time: Friday, July 30th, 9:30AM – 11:30AM EST

Esther Erdei

Esther Erdei

A Framework for Building Environmental Health Literacy in Health Equity Population Settings

Date/Time: Friday, July 30th, 9:30AM – 11AM EST

Carignan Headshot 2020_square

Courtney Carignan

Presenting at a Conference: Tips and Feedback

Date/Time: Friday, July 30th,
12PM – 2PM EST

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Melissa Smar

Demystifying the NIEHS Grant Process to Attract and Retain Diverse Talent for the Environmental Health Sciences

Date/Time: Friday, July 30th,
12PM – 4PM EST

Dingsheng Li

Dingsheng Li

Career paths in exposure sciences

Date/TimeSaturday, July 31st, 11AM – 1PM EST

Jessica Daniel

Jessica Daniel

EPA’s EnviroAtlas | Leveraging freely available geospatial data and interactive tools

Date/Time: Saturday, July 31st, 1:30PM – 4PM EST

August 2021

Ana Rule

Ana Rule

Bioaerosol sampling and analysis (To be delivered in Spanish: Muestreo y analisis de aerosoles biologicos)

Date/Time: Friday, August 6,
10AM – 12PM EST


Alison Krajewski

Data Visualization for Environmental Epidemiology with ggplot2: Mastering Presentation-Grade Figures

Date/Time: Friday, August 6,
9AM – 12PM EST


Andrew Slocombe

CalEnviroScreen: Exploring state-wide pollution exposure indicators and discussing the future of California’s Environmental Justice mapping tool

Date/Time: Friday, August 6,


Kyle Messier

Land-use regression with spatiotemporally correlated errors

Date/Time: Friday, August 13th, 9AM – 11AM EST


Bryan Duncan

NASA Data and Tools for Health Applications

Date/Time: Friday, August 13th, 9AM – 11AM EST


Jianguo Xia

Web-based spectral processing, functional interpretation and biomarker analysis using MetaboAnalyst

Date/Time: Friday, August 13th, 12PM – 4PM EST

Jeff Wambaugh

John Wambaugh

Toxicokinetic New Approach Methodologies (NAMs)

Date/Time: Friday, August 13th, 12PM – 4PM EST


Vasu Kilaru

Air Sensor: Co-location and Calibration

Date/Time: Saturday, August 14th, 10AM – 4PM EST


Lindsey Martin

An Introduction to Implementation Science for Environmental Health

Date/Time: Monday, August 30th, 9AM – 11AM EST


Peter Fantke

USEtox consensus near-field & far-field exposure and impact modeling for chemical prioritization, substitution and life-cycle assessment

Date/Time: Monday, August 30th, 9AM – 11AM EST

Chisato Calvert Headshot

Chisato Calvert

How to Explore, Access, and Analyze over 3.5 billion air quality data points from 120 countries on the OpenAQ platform

Date/Time: Monday, August 30th, 9AM – 11AM EST

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