ISES Mentorship Opportunities

As a member of ISES, you have access to multiple mentoring opportunities to assist in the progression of your career in exposure science. Seasoned ISES professionals are excited to work with you as you determine your next step.

Career Development Webinar Series

As a member of ISES, you have access to an exclusive webinar series that focuses on key topics such as: the development of soft skills, career options in exposure science, challenges and solutions in leading an exposure study. You can access the webinar archives here.

Mentor Match Program

The ISES Mentor Match Program exists to provide highly motivated students, post-doctoral fellows, and new researchers in the field of exposure science with one-on-one email-based mentoring relationships with established researchers from industry, government and academia. 

How it works

ISES maintains a database of mentors which is available to current members. Mentors provide a profile with a description of their educational and professional backgrounds including exposure science expertise and years of experience. 

Typical mentorship goals include:

  • Making your graduate school decision, 
  • Job search
  • Identifying the correct career tracks
  • Teaching
  • Management 
  • Mid-/late-career transition to exposure science field
  • Work/family balance
  • Dissertation process
  • Writing grants and papers
  • Moving to a new country as a postdoc
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Developing leadership skills

*Both the Mentor and Mentee are required to be an active member of ISES to be able to participate in the mentoring program. If you are not a member, please complete your application here.

If you are already a member of ISES and would like to apply to be a mentor, please submit your application here. If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please complete the application here