Non-ISES Meetings

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2019 Conference of ISEE and ISES – Asia Chapters

October 17 – 19, 2019
Daegu, Korea

The Joint Meeting of Asian Chapters of ISES and ISEE will bring together scientists, researchers, practitioners and students who are dedicated to the protection of health and Environment. We warmly welcome all participants from Asian countries including Australia and New Zealand. Participants from other regions of the world are also welcomed. The ISEE-ISES Asia Chapter 2019 theme is “Harmonizing Environmental Health Solutions for Individuals, Communities, and the Planet.”

Asia is an exciting and vibrant part of the world. ISEE-ISES AC 2019 will be a great opportunity to share traditional and innovative methods for assessing environmental exposure and their health effects and promote interdisciplinary approaches to solving the environmental health problems. Please join us in Daegu, Korea.

SETAC North America 40th Annual Meeting

November 3 – 7, 2019 
Toronto, Ontario Canada

The meeting will emphasize the need for environmental scientists and managers from all sectors (e.g., academia, business, government, non-profit, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations) to work together at a global scale to address shared environmental challenges. Under such a paradigm, discrete technical advances would be leveraged to create harmonized approaches towards mutual solutions. The meeting offers opportunities to focus on transboundary issues within a holistic system approach.

SETAC Europe 14th Special Science Symposium

November 19-20, 2019
Brussels, Belgium

This symposium is a must for everyone who wants to gain more ecological knowledge useful in the assessment of soil eco(toxico) logical effects of chemical and non-chemical stressors, as well as to learn which ecological databases are available as reference for (large-scale) ecological assessments of effects, and to understand which novel experimental and modelling tools are currently available for an effective environmental risk assessment. The meeting will provide a platform for policy makers, risk assessors and scientists from Government, Industry and Academia to obtain an overview of the latest insights, presented by key speakers from ecology and ecotoxicology, as well as modelling.